Rent a Bay is a service that gives everyone the opportunity to hire or rent an auto bay, garage space, mechanic tools and specific auto instruments. Rent A Bay provides an opportunity for any auto shop to rent its free areas, tools, lift, auto bay or specific tools. We are an information platform for sharing auto tools, tools, auto lifts and other properties for people who can do it themselves and who like repairing their own cars.

Rent A Bay offers both sides; auto shops and customers ability to make money and save money, by utilizing unused properties of auto shops.


There are varieties of options and offers in our website/service:


Rent A Bay

It’s the easiest way to repair your car, having a safe spot with the necessary auto tools. You can repair your vehicles without disturbing your neighbors, especially if you live in an apartment complex.


Rent a Lift

With a lift rental it makes it easy to get under your vehicle, using professional help and tools, without crawling under jack stands, using your driveway or sliding across a greasy floor.

Rent a Tool

Many auto shops serve specific cars, and they have rarely used tools. If you have tools that that are for specific brands, such as: Nissan, BMW, Ford, Mazda or Audi, you probably have expensive machines or tools you don’t need all of the time. This is a great chance to rent the tool you need to fix your car without buying it, which can be both expensive and time consuming. Both parties benefit, and your car gets fixed!

We are providing companies the ability to loan their tools for our customers and make profit by having our customers use the company tools, at our garages at a time that is good for them.

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