Renting a car lift

The do it yourself trend is the latest fad and if you are a truly independent person, you will have probably gotten under your car a couple of times. Yes, a few times. And with a whole lot of auto shops offering to lend tools to prospective Do It Yourself folks, it shouldn’t be so long to get where you can rent a car lift. A car lift or bay lift is a device or a set of device you use in lifting your car off the ground.

A car lift is just the ideal tool or set of tools you need to get your car in shape. Whether it is an issue that involves the internal workings of your car or it’s just a minor hitch with the brain box of the car and you want to get it fixed. A car lift or bay lift is just that tool you need. With the ability to levitate your car feet’s above the ground, giving you room to move freely in and out from underneath your car. This gives you the freedom and space you need to get your work done faster, easier and in record time.

Getting a bay lift should be as easy as getting connected to the internet, there are a lot of Mechanic workshops offering to borrow out their tools for pocket friendly rates, you can never run out of options. There will always be a willing mechanic that is ready to lease out their lift; whether you want to use along the road or you want to ship it off to the next state.

Renting a car lift isn’t as important as knowing how to use it, it will just be a blatant waste of time to rent an equipment that you don’t know how to use. So how do you use a car lift:

  • Put the car on neutral gear
  • Find out the car lifting point
  • Ensure the center of gravity is low
  • Couple and lift

Do well to observe the following safety rules when working with car lifts:

  • Know the load limit of the lift and adaptors. Ensure you do not overload; the rated capacity is displayed on the lift.
  • Position the vehicle in such a way that the Center of Gravity is balanced. This is to ensure that the load is equal.
  • Do a quick check of all component of the lift before you use the lift, this will prevent accidents and untold eventualities.
  • Watch for loose objects that hang low when walking under a supported vehicle; this ensures your safety.
  • You must keep people at least 6 feet away from the vehicle before raising.
  • Wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) while working under raised cars.

Now that you know how to use a car lift, how to get it and the safety precautions to observe while using the machine. When next you have a roadside hitch and you are about to get down and get dirty. Use the Power lift, it gives you enough time to finish up the task.  And do not forget to rent your lift with us.

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