Terms and conditions

1. RentABay.net is an online service, helping car owners to find a convenient way to rent an auto bay, garage space, auto mechanic tools, etc. and repair their cars themselfs.

2. RentAbay.net  does provide platform for search for specific available auto products, auto shops or their properties, and way to arrange an appointments associated with this.

3. RentABay.net is not an owner of any auto shop, mechanic tools, auto lifts, or any other auto mechanic tools/items listed on the site.

4. RentABay.net is not renting any tools , garage space,  vesicles or mechanical tools. All products listed on the website are property of specific vendors as they listed and described under product descriptions.

5. Responsibility for the support , insurance and condition of the rented  properties ( garage space, lift, mechanic tools, auto parts, etc). is full responsibility of the auto shop owners/vendors.

6. All customers who are renting out from our website, are responsible for their own safety, and agreed they are informed about using the rented items safely and in conditions related and established by the Auto shop owners/ Vendors.

7. In no situation, RentABay.net, can be held responsible for any mistakes or damages, to the customers or rented properties.






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